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Take your game to a new level. Let the Stoneybrook staff of experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic PGA and LPGA Instructors help you to achieve your personal goals and make the game more enjoyable. Whether you are a new golfer, low or high handicap, we offer a wide range of instructional programs that will improve your game. Learn how to practice, learn how to play, learn how to analyze your game, learn how to reach your goals!

Stoneybrook Golf Academy
Instruction Programs

  • Instructors
    • Susan Fasoldt

      Director of Instruction
      Class A member of both the PGAof America and the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals, Susan has learned over 15 years of golf instruction experience how to communicate her knowledge in a language that is easily understood by golfers of all ability levels. She uses numerous training aids and V1 video technology to help speed the learning process. Susan competed on the Futures Tour between 2003 and 2005 and her low round to date is a 65.

      Find Susan on the web: www.susanfasoldtgolf.com Susan Fasoldt Golf

      Edward Katchur

      PGA Head Golf Professional
      Ed has a reputation of improving and fixing players quickly through the understanding of their own particular swing. He believes that strong fundamentals and knowledge of the ‘new’ ball flight laws are the keys to improvement. Becoming your own coach is the ultimate goal. Ed has mentored and worked with many of the top teachers in the world and has extensive training with Mike Adams, Jimmy Ballard, David Ledbetter and Stack & Tilt philosophies. A skilled player, Ed played at Ball State University and several mini-tours prior to becoming a PGA Member.


      PGA Assistant Golf Professional
      David is a Class A member of the PGA of America and graduate of Florida State University PGM program.  He was the lead instructor at Seminole Golf Course in Tallahassee for 2 years before joining the Stoneybrook team.  
      David likes to focus on the scoring zone because he believes it is the quickest way to improve.


      Assistant Golf Professional
      An Ohio native, and PGA Apprentice, Addison relies on the fundamentals of the golf swing and the simple facts of the golf club to improve your game.  
      He believes the better golfer doesn't hit better shots, but has better misses.


  • Instruction Rates
    • Individual Instruction 

        30 Min 60 Min Series (5) 30 Min
      Susan Fasoldt $55 $100 $250
      Ed Katchur $55 $100 $250
      David Steele $45 $85 $200
      Addison Sterling $45 $85 $200 

      Semi-Private Instruction

      This is a great setting for learning, improving skills and reaching your goals in a fun, relaxing environment! Bring your family, favorite foursome or teammates and work in a group together on your chosen topics! This is a great multi-day program: 1, 2 or 3 days.
        Per Hour / person  Per 1/2 hour / person  
      Two People $55  $30   
      Three - Four People $40  $25   
      Five - Six People $30  $15   
      Groups Contact Director of Instruction    

      On Course Instruction

       $250 Per Pers  
      The answer to “I can do it on the range-but not on the course” Summer is a GREAT time of year to learn on the course. Individual or group setting available. Develop an “On Course Improvement Plan” 1.5 hours on course instruction & (3) ½ hour follow up lessons on range. See the Golf Professional of your choice to schedule.

  • Group Instruction Programs
      Sign up sheets for all group programs are located in the hallway outside the Golf Shop.

      GROUP CLINICS      

      Golf Clinic 9:00am-10:00am  
      $25 per player
      Saturdays- Instructor- Susan Fasoldt

      Topics vary each week
      Sign up in the Hallway

      30-30-30 for $30

      Gain a firm understanding of your game inside 60 yards. Increase your confidence with your shot making on and around the green. Learn when to chip and when to pitch. Eliminate 3 putts. Join us for 30 minutes of specific putting drills designed to improve distance and direction control. Follow that with 30 minutes of chipping. You will learn to how to control distances around the green. Spend the final 30 minutes learning how to hit a high, 30 yard wedge shot.

      Saturdays, 10:30-12:15- June 23rd, July 14th, August 18th, September 22nd 

      $30.00 per Player

      Sign up in the Hallway


      All instruction will be done on the golf course.  Focus on inside 60 yards-learning when to chip and when to pitch. Learn to be more effective when playing from the rough and other difficult lies.  Learn how to get out of trouble.  You may even discover a new way to play a difficult hole.

      Wednesdays, 11:30-1:00 - June 20th, July 11th, August 8th, September 19th

      $40.00 per Player


      Spend the morning on the Practice Tee, focusing on all the major shots: putting, chipping, pitching and your full swing.   Then we take a break for lunch (on your own).  Finally, we play for 1.5 hours on the course to apply what you have learned in real playing conditions.

      8:00-10:30 on the practice tee
      12:00-1:30 on the golf course

      Wednesdays - June 27th, July 25th, September 26th

      $100.00 per Player

  • Increase Your Consistency

    • Consistent practice leads to consistent play!

      Join one of our multi-week programs to get your game to the next level!
      We have three programs to fit your needs: Total Game-Project Play Better, Short Game-Project RedZone and Putting-Putting Bootcamp.
      With three sessions at various times this season, you can attend all 3!

      All programs begin on their respective days the week:
      Session 1: Week of- October 30th – December 4th (depending on group-No Groups Thanksgiving or Friday after)
      Session 2: Week of – January 22nd-February 26th
      Session 3: Week of – March 5th – April 9th

      PROJECT Play Better – This 6-week program addresses every aspect of your game from tee to green!
      Includes: (6) 1-hour group lessons focusing on the fundamentals of your golf game
      (1) 30-minute private lesson focusing on YOUR individual needs-video included and an instruction booklet.
      Group days and times: (No class on Thanksgiving or Friday after)
      Women Only: Mondays 8:00-9:00 AND 9:15-10:15
      Mixed Group: Saturdays 3:30-4:30 or
      Make your own group-you pick day and time
      4 – 6 people. Cost: $225 per person

      PROJECT RedZone – This 6-week program addresses every aspect of your game inside 60 yards!
      Includes: (6) 1-hour group lessons focusing on the fundamentals of scoring
      (1) 30-minute private lesson focusing on YOUR individual needs-video included and an instruction booklet.
      Group days and times:
      Thursdays 8:00-9:00
      Fridays 4:00-5:00 or
      Make your own group-you pick day and time
      4 – 6 people. Cost: $225 per person

      PUTTING Bootcamp – This 5-week program focuses exclusively on putting! Learn and element of great putting each week and finally become a better, more consistent putter.
      Includes: (5) 1-hour group lessons and an instruction booklet.
      Group days and times:
      Mondays 4:00-5:00
      Thursdays 4:00-5:00 or
      Make your own group-you pick day and time.
      4 people. Cost: $185 per person

      ALL Sign-ups are in the hallway outside the Golf Shop or Email Susan to sign up! sfasoldt@gmail.com
  • Club Fitters Workshop
    • Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club's premier ball flight & launch monitor accurately records ball trajectory & launch data to achieve state of the art club fitting. FlightScope® is in use by top golf instructors, club fitters, tour players and original equipment manufacturers around the world.


      All Day Tuesdays or by appointment. Free for Stoneybrook Members

      $55 per hour for Non-Members

      3D Ball Tracking

      The two main technological aspects of the FlightScope 3D motion tracking device are its radar technology (very similar to that which is used in the military), and its advanced industrial electronics.

      The patented phased array tracking technology that is used in all FlightScope radar units is the most advanced in the industry today.

      How does the 3D Doppler Tracking Radar work?
      FlightScope’s 3D motion tracking devices are not just about ball measurement; they can also help with your golf swing analysis by measuring 27 variables related to your Ball, Club or Swing, such as:

      Ball Data

      • Ball Speed
      • Vertical Launch Angle
      • Horizontal Launch Angle
      • Vertical Decent Angle
      • Smash Factor
      • Spin Rate
      • Spin Axis
      • Carry Distance
      • Roll
      • Total Distance
      • Lateral Landing
      • Apex Height
      • Flight Time
      • Shot Dispersion

      Club Data

      • Club Speed
      • Club Speed Profile
      • Club Acceleration Profile
      • Face Angle
      • Face to Path
      • Dynamic Loft
      • Angle of Attack
      • Club Path
      • Vertical Swing Plane
      • Horizontal Swing Plane

      Maximizing Your Distance

      Did you know the ideal launch angle is 17 degrees and the ideal spin rate is 1700 rpm? Now this is very difficult to achieve, but club manufacturers are finding ways to engineer clubs which increase loft and decrease spin rate, which maximizes distance! So maybe a better question is what is your launch angle and spin rate, and can it be improved. Using our Flight Scope Launch monitor, we can measure a total of 24 variables (including launch angle and spin rate) related to the ball, club and swing of a golf shot. Flight Scope is an ideal tool for custom club fitting. We can match the best shaft and club face loft to you, which will help you get the most out of your golf swing. Here is an example of the information which we get after you hit several different clubs in front of the launch monitor. As you can see, there are several choices of new drivers which perform better than this persons own driver!

      Director of Instructor, Susan Fasoldt with Flightscope

      Importance of Iron Fitting

      It is possible to hit a golf shot with poorly fit equipment. However, in order to do this a golfer must make at least one compensation before swinging or during the swing. This results in a lack of consistency. In conjunction with FlightScope, irons are properly fit using a lie board. Observing a player hitting golf shots with various length clubs and various lie angles from a lie board allows us to achieve proper fit which decreases the golfers need to compensate which ultimately increases consistency. We use Titleist, TaylorMade and Cobra club fitting systems. We also have the ability to take information gained during a club fitting session and order custom clubs with the correct specifications from every major club manufacturer in golf!

  • Testimonials
    • Have you had a great experience with club fitting, private instruction or a group program with any of our staff members that you would like to share?  Email sfasoldt@gmail.com

      "Two years ago, I felt that I needed some new irons to increase my distance from my shots, as well as take advantage of the newer technology in the design of golf clubs.  As I had lessons from Susan Fasoldt in the past, and was very satisfied with the results, I contacted her again.  We spent about an hour on the practice tee, with her bringing various different clubs, with different styles, lies and shafts, and measurements of all kinds.  We settled on one brand and style, and she placed the order.
      Shortly thereafter the new clubs arrived, and I was very pleased that they performed as they had on the driving range.  I was ecstatic, to say the least!
      Fast forward to now!  I'm very happy to report that the clubs STILL function as advertised.  
      Suffice it to say that I am very happy with my experience at Stoneybrook Pro Shop, and especially Susan, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is in need of similar services!"  Robert Abderhalden

      "Susan Fasoldt is perhaps the most adept and perceptive golf teacher I have ever worked with. She has a unique ability to observe a student's mechanics and then communicate her suggested changes clearly and simply, helping the student to immediately translate those thoughts into a mental picture that allows the student to make effective adjustments right away. Her assistance with all aspects of my short game, from bunker shots to pitching, has had an amazing impact on improving my scores." Michael, golf goal is to consistently break 100

      "I have known Susan Fasoldt for 14 years starting as an Assistant Golf Professional at TPC Prestancia and now Director of Instruction at Stoneybrook Golf & Country Club. Susan is a great teacher; her instruction concentrates on posture and set up, then good swing path. She involves the student as an active participant in the lesson, giving written feedback and drills at the end of the lesson. Recently I asked Susan to check my set up and swing path to allow me to safely play with a shoulder injury. Following day, I shot 79." Linda, 12 handicap

      "I have been taking lessons from Susan for several years. To me, her strong point is quickly picking up a swing fault and suggesting permanent corrective action. She has a variety of training aids to help implement a swing fix, and, since she is an accomplished player, can demonstrate the proper technique. She is an effective communicator and leaves one with good written reminders. I have benefited from her teaching." Jerry Jackson, 1.0 index

      "I've been taking golf lessons from Susan for 3 years now, and have been increasingly impressed with her knowledge level and teaching ability. What I like is that she does not try to shoehorn anyone into a particular swing style but rather works with each golfers` individual strengths and needs. I don`t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who asks." Fred W, 6.5 index

  • Player Levels
    • Elite Player

      Whether you're an amateur competitor or a professional golfer, Stoneybrook Professionals can help you develop a strategic approach to preparation. Our instruction, technology and training are unmatched in providing all the elements you need to prepare to compete at the highest levels.

      Advanced Player

      If you're a low-handicap player working to elevate your game, our instructors can help. Using a personal approach through technical evaluations and individualized drill routines, you can combine your commitment with a "training road map" to break through any plateau.

      Core Player

      Golf is a game that rewards consistency, and players who can effectively repeat their strokes are rewarded. If your game shows flashes of brilliance, our instructors can help you develop more repeatable techniques to lower your scores. This comprehensive approach gives you the knowledge to improve every aspect of your game.

      New Player

      Learning to golf can be an intimidating process. Our Instructors are career professionals, possessing a lifelong passion for the game and working with new players. As a player new to the game, you will discover a welcoming learning environment with instructors who coach you in the fundamentals of the game through a simple and easy-to-understand approach.

      Our staff is dedicated to providing you the highest quality personalized instruction experience available!

  • Instruction Tips & Videos